What others say...

  • Terri Johnson, ABC, APR, ABD

    Professor Emerita

    Gerry is a talented and creative young man with an extraordinary work ethic. He is quick to come up with new and exciting ideas and designs and to make them work to help reach goals and objectives in marketing and public relations campaigns. He is an exceptional problem-solver who considers all aspects of a client's needs and is able to come up with outstanding ideas to make communication work and work well. He is a pleasure to work with and his high energy is catching. I strongly recommend him!

  • Joe Loughmiller

    External Affairs Manager (IN & MI) at American Water

    Gerry is a great person to work with and always does excellent work. He has helped me with numerous print projects and campaigns and has always been timely, accurate and professional. 

    I would highly recommend Gerry to anyone looking for some help in marketing their company or cause.

    To top it all off, he is just an all around great guy!

  • Joe White

    Barber at Boone Village Barber Shop

    My name is Joe White and I have worked with Gerry on many occasions where team concept is important. Gerry has both lead and served in these settings and he holds a high standard in any role he's given. I would recommend him on his high work ethics and his strong moral values.

  • Karen Wilczewski

    Principal Owner at Top Dog Communications | Book Author | Writer | Editor with a passion for words

    Gerry tackled a writing assignment for me when I worked for the Indiana Department of Vocational and Technical Education. He quickly grasped the concept of what we wanted to communicate and did a great job completing the project. I marveled at his ability to effectively communicate the message we wanted to get across to our audience. Gerry was great to work with. He's very personable and very talented. It would be a pleasure to work with Gerry again on future projects.

  • Dale Crabtree

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    It's hard to find someone who's sincere in the advertising world, so Gerry gets my highest recommendation. Easy to work with, smart, earnest, attentive to detail, ambitious in the best sense of the word, and patient. Personally, he has good sense of humor, he's socially aware and involved, and he has a wide range of interests which makes him very interesting to talk to. He's a guy you'll want to get to know, and have in your stable for a long tine.

  • Thomas E. Ketchum, APR, ABC

    Business Development Expertise

    Gerry is in a class by himself. With most people you can pick an attribute or two that makes them outstanding. With Gerry, you get a handful that range from creative to integrity to punctual to expert to personable and on and on. I have used Gerry's services multiple times over the years and will continue to do so. I heartily recommend him as a talent and as a human being.

  • Michael Hanley

    Professor at Ball State University

    Gerry is a very creative problem solver who really understand the role of marketing and design. He is extremely reliable and personable. His focus is always on helping the client find the most effective, cost efficient way to solve a problem.

  • Diane Kingsolver

    Executive Admin Partner at Roche Diagnostics

    I'm honored to recommend Gerry Justice for any type of Marketing and Design work you may need. The following information should help introduce him as well as convey my wholehearted recommendation.

    I have known Gerry for several years, during which time I have had a chance to observe his personal integrity, volunteerism, leadership ability and initiative. Gerry demonstrates a strong work ethic, sound moral reasoning, and overall impeccable character. 

    The hallmark of Gerry's character is his honesty and professionalism. This extends from those areas where it is easily seen in relationships and business transactions, as well as in integrity of thought. He knows how to find a place in a team environment, and is able to tackle all the challenges that accompany a leadership role. With the possession of effective communication skills, he is highly adept at building rapport with managers and leaders of our global company. I am confident that he has the skills, determination, and personality traits necessary to meet the demands of your needs.

    Gerry is an outstanding individual who has a lot to offer. If you're looking for an intelligent and dedicated professional marketing and design person, you need not look any further.

    Gerry Justice has my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep personal respect.

  • Lisa Burgess

    REALTOR at Lasiter Real Estate & Property Management

    Gerry is a great person to work with on any project. He's creative, listens to his clients' needs and helpful in keeping the project moving at the pace needed to meet the deadline. He is also very respectful of his clients' time and money. Gerry is someone I trust 100% to get the job done right!

  • Cathy Rohrer

    Volunteer Coordinator at Wheeler Mission Ministries

    I have known Gerry for at least 12 years now. I met him when I was Administrative Assistant to the President of Wheeler Mission Ministries. Gerry was introduced as a Wheeler Board Member. Gerry is a man of unique integrity. He has great compassion for mankind, and is dedicated and faithful in serving his community. He is a man of faith and is very dedicated to his family and to using his skills to run his business.

  • Gary McLemore

    Owner, New Truck Alternative, LLC

    I have known Gerry for 27 years and in that time I have seen his experience, professionalism and quality grow exponentially. His connection with clients is easy, comfortable and soothing. Gerry's knowledge and abilities are unmatched. I have seen glimpses of genius in his creative abilities and his general awareness of the situation are uncanny. I would not hesitate to work with, hire or recommend Gerry for any management, marketing or design role. In addition, his philanthropic actions are something that any company or community would be proud to endorse.

  • John Eck

    Manager at LightBound

    Gerry is an exceptionally talented advertising, marketing, PR professional. He can handle all aspects of an engagement, from initial concept to delivery. He is a pleasure to work with, and an all-around good guy. I can't think of a business engagement that delivered better value for the cost than what we've received from Justice Marketing & Design.

  • Tom Peck

    President and Creative Director, Tom Peck Design LLC

    I have worked with Gerry Justice on the board of a rescue ministry and have always found him to be thoughtful, extremely personable, and very creative. Gerry's high work standard and his personal integrity are among his most important assets. His communication skills will help any client achieve their goals. I highly recommend Gerry to you.