Following are a few of my favorite writing projects. Each piece is unique in style and content and represents a distinct moment in my career. I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any questions.

"How to Change the Moment..."
Outside the Box

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One participant imagines being a famous singer or actress. One imagines owning a football team, another becoming a tattoo artist. They all imagine living in a world in which people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are loved and respected, and are nurtured to become the best they can be. For some 300 weekly participants, that world can be found on the Northeast side of Indianapolis at a non-profit called Outside the Box. To read the full article, click the button below.

"Pushing Vinyl"
Irvington Vinyl

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Twenty thousand albums under one roof. Some newly pressed. Others gently used. All tucked within the arms of thousands of books on the surrounding walls. This is Irvington Vinyl and it's a collaborative arrangement with Bookmamas in historic Irvington. It's a cozy retreat for those who prefer the deep grooves of vinyl to the sonically different digital tracks.  
"Books and records go nicely together," said Rick Wilkerson, resident music guru and Irvington Vinyl's owner. To read the full article, click the button below.

"Team-building on the Water"
Dauntless Sailing School


How a local sailboat captain reinvented team-building with corporate cruises.

Several years ago, corporate management finally got the memo. Employees on practically every level registered their disdain for team-building seminars that had been staged in conference rooms across the country. 

To combat complacent lecturers and mind-numbing presentations, corporate trainers then challenged their staff with trust falls, rock-climbing, and rope courses designed to test their mettle and develop their personal strength.


"Bridging the Gap"

Hub & Spoke


Located in the heart of Fishers, adjacent to the Nickel Plate Trail, Hub & Spoke is a unique and one-of-a-kind Design Center with retail showrooms, coworking space, state of the art makerspace, training facility, and event center.
The heart of the project will be the Community Connect–a magnetic atmosphere of coworking, retail showrooms and makers leading the way to innovation and a greater good by leveraging connection and collaboration.

"Coffee, Sandwiches, and a..."

The Garfield Eatery & Coffee


Butterscotch mocha. Grilled cheese on sourdough bread. Cowboy cookies (oatmeal with chocolate chunks and cranberries).

This may seem like a story about delicacies. But it's more about the resurrection of a local gathering place: The Garfield Eatery & Coffee.

It offers more than a business venture. In a world where we neer have to leave our homes to chat with people online, the eatery offers a different type of social network. Read all about it at the link below.

"How to Speak Up When You Have No Voice" / OTB

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An unstoppable beautiful spirit describes Jason, one of my new “verbal” friends at Outside the Box. When I see Jason he asks, How ya doing Gerry? and quickly adds, How was your weekend? What’d you do last night? Did you like the Star Wars movie? He repeats my answers.

I ask him, “How are you today, Jason?” (How am I today? I’m fine, I’m fine.) Did you sleep well last night? (Did I sleep well last night? Yes, yes I did sleep well last night.) Could you eat a dozen pancakes right now? Yes I could.